Eyelash Extensions are a popular new treatment to enhance the length, thickness, volume and curl of your lashes. Lightweight, synthetic lashes are expertly bonded individually on a ‘lash by lash’ basis to your natural lashes, giving a natural, yet fuller and more youthful look.

Eyelash extensions are worn every day by millions of women worldwide – celebrities, brides, business women and anyone who loves to look their best 24/7 have made this part of their regular beauty regime.

Professionally applied by a certified lash artist, and maintained with regular in-fills, your eyelash extensions can be worn indefinitely and can be styled to look as natural or glamorous as you wish.

Eyelash Extensions will…..

  • Enhance your eyes by giving you fuller, thicker, more defined lashes!
  • Give your eyes a more youthful appearance—that’s right, our lashes can actually do that!
  • Save you time applying makeup—no more worrying about smudged, clumpy mascara!

Eyelash Extensions are perfect for:

  • Brides and bridal parties
  • Models, actors and celebrities
  • Women with makeup allergies
  • Sportswomen
  • School balls
  • Special occasions and parties
  • People with short, thinning lashes
  • Easy care, every day wear for women who love long, fabulous lashes

The Benefits…

  • Beautifully enhanced eyes
  • Longer, thicker, fuller lashes
  • Completely natural looking
  • Relaxing 60-120 minute treatment
  • Light & flexible – comfortable to wear
  • Semi permanent – last up to 2 months
  • Water resistant – swim, shower, exercise
  • Designer lashes — huge range of colours and styles to choose from.

What exactly are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions is the term used to describe the art of expertly bonding single strands of a lightweight synthetic polyester individually one-by-one to each natural eyelash, creating beautiful longer, thicker and fuller lashes that look incredibly natural and are completely comfortable to wear and safe for your natural lashes.

Eyelash Extensions should not to be confused with strip lashes (false eyelashes that are applied in a strip to your upper lid) or clusters/flares, which are groups of lashes often either knotted or glued together at the end and applied with a temporary adhesive – these types of lashes have their place in makeup artistry – however, they do not look and feel like natural lashes and should not be worn on an ongoing basis – only professionally applied and properly maintained Eyelash Extensions will not damage your natural lashes when worn every day.

When properly applied by a professionally trained lash artist and maintained with regular 2-3 weekly infills it is possible to wear eyelash extensions on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the variety of curls, lengths, thicknesses and colours available, eyelash extensions have hundreds of design options tailored especially to suit your clients’ requirements. 

The Procedure

One of the wonderful things about Eyelash Extensions is the actual procedure

First, a consultation, this is a very important aspect of your treatment, after discussing your wishes with you, your lash artist will advise you of options for lash styles, taking into account your lifestyle, eye/face shape. preferred style, and natural lashes – this in-depth consultation will ensure you and your lash artist are ‘on the same page’ with the design for your lashes.

Next, you will undergo an incredibly relaxing 1 – 2 hour treatment during which time you will be comfortably reclining with your eyes close whilst your lash artist gently prepares your lashes and then applies your lash extensions in the desired design – with the extensive range of lash styles available, your lash artist is able to create whatever look you desire, from natural and sporty, to diva and glamorous.

During your treatment, Eyelash Extensions will be expertly applied ‘lash by lash’, one single lash extension is dipped in a tiny drop of adhesive and then applied carefully to your natural lash, when correctly applied the lash extension will be placed approximately 1mm from the base of the natural lash and will lie along the natural lash. With proper technique, lash extensions will not adhere to each other which gives the appearance of completely natural (but beautifully enhanced) looking lashes.

Many people fall asleep during their treatment (or listen to their Ipod) and wake to find that they have beautiful lashes – be warned lash extensions are addictive!!

Once it’s over – up you get and off you go – with you new ‘knock-out’ lashes!!!

What are Infills?

With proper care Eyelash Extensions will remain in place until the natural lash falls out – usually somewhere between 60 and 120 days, on average people shed around five lashes per day, you may not notice eyelashes being shed before you have lash extensions, but be assured that they will be more noticeable when they have a lash extension attached.

To replace lashes lost due to this replenishment cycle of your natural lashes, quick, inexpensive infills at 2-3 weekly intervals are recommended – these will ensure your lashes keep looking as beautiful as the day they were applied. With regular maintenance lashes may be worn indefinitely with no damage to your natural lashes.




What are Fab Lashes Xpress Lashes?

Due to demand for a quicker and less expensive option for sets of lashes that are only required for a few days we have developed the Xpress Lash system – these are temporary lashes only – suitable for a special occasion, party, the weekend etc as they will only last for approximately one week.

Lashes are applied in a similar manner to Eyelash Extensions, although without using the isolation technique and with an adhesive with less bonding strength. As a result of using the non-isolation technique the time taken to apply a full set of lashes is reduced to approximately 30 – 45 minutes and as such the cost is reduced to approximately $45 – $65 per set.

A brilliant option, Xpress Lashes look just as amazing as Eyelash Extensions, it is only on closer inspection that you will see that the lashes are not isolated, perfect for those ‘one-off’ set of lashes you’d love to have for that party on the weekend. Xpress Lashes are designed for temporary use only and must not be infilled – this is to ensure that your natural lashes are not damaged in any way.