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For centuries women have used various products to darken and lengthen their eyelashes, these days Eyelash Extensions are without a doubt the beauty industry’s most exciting, popular and profitable new service and while initially considered a ‘fad’ it is now obvious that Eyelash Extensions are here to stay and have become an essential salon service as millions of women worldwide add them to their regular beauty regime

Eyelash Extensions – Extend & Enhance Your Lashes

There are two methods of eyelash extensions, available to extend and enhance your lashes…

  • Eyelash Extensions – also known as Lash Grafting
  • Xpress Lashes – also known as Party Lashes

These two methods of eyelash extensions both have a very important place in the eyelash extensions industry, however they utilise different application techniques and cater for very different clientele – at Fab Lashes we believe it is important to be proficient in, and understand fully, the applications of these beauty treatments in order to provide your clients with the eyelash extensions that are most suited to their needs.

What exactly are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions is the term used to describe the art of expertly bonding single strands of a lightweight synthetic polyester individually ‘lash by lash’ to each natural eyelash, creating beautiful longer, thicker and fuller lashes that look incredibly natural and are completely comfortable to wear and safe for your natural lashes.

Definitely not to be confused with Xpress Lashes, Party Lashes, strip lashes (false eyelashes that are applied in a strip to your upper lid) or clusters/flares, which are groups of lashes often either knotted or glued together at the end and applied with a temporary adhesive.

When eyelash extensions are properly applied by a professionally trained lash artist and maintained with regular 2-3 weekly infills it is possible to wear eyelash extensions on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the variety of curls, lengths, thicknesses and colours available, eyelash extensions have hundreds of design options tailored especially to suit your clients’ requirements.

It is essential to educate your clients fully about the differences between the methods of eyelash extensions.  For those clients that wish to have eyelash extensions applied on an ongoing basis, individual eyelash extensions are a must – when correctly applied and maintained they can be worn for years on end without causing any damage to natural lashes.

What are Fab Lashes Xpress Lashes?

Due to client and lash artist demand for a quicker, less expensive method of eyelash extensions, especially for those sets of lashes that are only required for a few days, we have developed the Xpress Lash system – these are temporary lashes only – suitable for a special occasion, party, the weekend etc as they will only last for approximately one week. Lashes are applied in a similar manner to Eyelash Extensions using an adhesive that only bonds for one week or so – lashes are not isolated and as such the application time is greatly reduced – usually only around 30 – 45 minutes is required for a full set (costs are reduced as a result of this).

Xpress Lashes look just as amazing as Eyelash Extensions, it is only on closer inspection that you will see that the lashes are not isolated, while this is perfect for a ‘one-off’ set of lashes, they are designed for temporary use only and must not be in-filled – this is to protect natural lashes from any damage that may result from non-isolation during application.

Use of the correct adhesive for Xpress Lashes is very important, as is client education about the differing methods of lash extension – Xpress Lashes or any type of Party Lashes must only be worn for between 1-2 weeks maximum, any longer than this may result in damage to, or loss of some of the clients natural lashes – this is to be avoided at all costs as clients that experience damage/lash loss can mistakenly assume that this problem will be experienced with all types of eyelash extensions, which of course is not the case.

What are Infills?

With proper care Eyelash Extensions will remain in place until the natural lash falls out – usually somewhere between 60 and 120 days. Regular infills at 2-3 weekly intervals are necessary to replace lashes lost due to this natural replenishment cycle of natural lashes – this creates a regular, loyal clientele. Client”s should be encouraged not to extend the length of time between infills if possible as their lashes extensions will become sparse as time goes by due to the natural cycle of their lashes – certainly by the end of 5-6 weeks will not be looking like the beautiful lashes they had applied.

Infills are not required in the Xpress Lash system – these eyelash extensions must be completely removed and a new set of eyelash extensions reapplied if clients wish to continue wearing them.

Eyelash Extensions & the importance of professional training

A high standard of professional and comprehensive eyelash extensions training is essential – the success of your eyelash extensions future depends to a large degree on learning the correct procedure and technique – Fab Lashes training programmes focus intensively on ensuring trainees understand the importance of the different methods of application, isolation of lashes, style and design, correct lash preparation, health & safety and lash application. We endeavour to ensure that all our trainees emerge from their training programmes as a confident, capable and artistic Eyelash Extensions Artist.

Eyelash Extensions & the use of superior quality products

Another important aspect to ensure the success of your application of eyelash extensions  is the use of quality products, without which lash artists may experience difficulty creating beautiful eyelash extensions. Superior quality adhesives will ensure long lasting, natural looking lashes, while use of an inferior adhesive may result in damage to natural lashes, clumping of lashes and weak bonding of lashes; the quality of eyelashes is also important, superior quality lashes will be dark black, glossy and flexible, inferior lashes will be pale in colour and may crimp easily.

At Fab Lashes we supply only the best eyelash extensions products – we stay up-to-date with the latest industry advancements to ensure we bring you products of the highest quality and performance available.

Eyelash Extensions – Lash Adhesives

Fab Lashes adhesives are manufactured for safety and effectiveness at an approved manufacturing facility – they contain similar ingredients to those used by doctors in suture-less wound closure. Our adhesives have been proven over time to be consistently top performers, with a thin, easy to use consistency, fast drying times and superior bonding times. MSDS sheets are available on request.

Eyelash Extensions – Lashes

Fab Lashes eyelash extensions are tapered from base to tip and just like natural lashes, only darker, glossier, curlier and longer, – made from synthetic polyester fibres, they are lightweight, soft and flexible and, when properly applied, the wearer will not feel them at all. They are available in four different curls (J, B, C & D), five different thicknesses (.10mm, .15mm, .20mm, .25mm & .30mm) and lengths ranging from 5mm – 15mm. Speciality lashes are also available such a coloured lashes, Y Lashes, W Lashes and Crystal Lashes.


Initial Fee

5 clients

Approx 7.5hrs – 10hrs

10 clients

Approx 15hrs – 20hrs

15 clients

Approx 22.5hrs – 30hrs


















Infill Fee *

5 clients

10 clients

15 clients

















*Eyelash Extensions Infills fee shown is based on a 1 hour appointment

Fab Lashes Eyelash Extensions – Extend & Enhance Your Lashes