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Kristin Wheat, Auckland
“I decided to train at Fab Lashes, to become a Lash Stylist, because their website really struck me as professional and organised and when I enquired about the course, someone got back to me immediately, as for others I had enquired about, they took days to reply.  I was then put on a course around my desired time where I met an amazing woman named Paula, she was an amazing tutor, really fun to work with and hands on.  The Fab Lashes products are amazing to use and are the absolute best!   With the help of Debra after the course, I could send my review photos to her, she had the best and most helpful feedback, which really pulled me through, to succeed.  I highly recommend training with Fab Lashes and using Fab Lashes products!


Thanks you so much Debra and Paula and everyone at Fab Lashes, what a great experience.”

Adele Fox and Kendall Fox, Beachlands
“We enjoyed our training day and felt at the end of it that “we could do it”.  It gave us confidence and it is especially helpful to know that Debbie’s expertise is only a phone call away.”

Sandi Horsburgh, Hamilton
“Really enjoyed the training Debbie, you are great – I’m not a confident person but felt very comfortable with the way you train – thank you so much!.”

Lorraine Marsh, Tauranga
“Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  Your patience and training manner are second to none!”

Ceeann Russell, Hamilton
“One-on-one was excellent, Debbie was very patient and encouraging.  Thank you!.”

Shirley Braun, Rotorua
“On the whole I thoroughly enjoyed the training, I thought it was well delivered and professional.  I am also impressed with the follow up as well and I particularly like the fact that the certification was dependant on further assessment.  This gave me invaluable feedback which in turn helps me improve my  lashes application technique.”

Debra Osner, Takapuna
“I really enjoyed the course.  Debbie you are an absolute believer.  I established that even in my initial enquiries to you on the phone.  Your reassurances throughout the course were invaluable as you kept my confidence intact.  You are extremely professional whether I am dealing with you via email, phone or face-to-face.  Thank you so much and I hope I can aspire to your level of sincerity.”

Flo Robinson, Rotorua
“The whole course was extremely helpful and easy to understand and follow”. “Debbie is a great tutor. I was very impressed with her quick and professional response to all my questions AND I love the products.”


Jackie Thompson, Life Pharmacy, Dunedin
“I found the training course very professional and friendly, because it was relaxed I found it comfortable to ask questions.”


Erin van de Water, Life Pharmacy, Dunedin
“It was easy to ask you questions, the relaxed style of your training helped me to stay focussed without feeling stressed about my progress. I really enjoyed the training. It was easy to understand and very clearly explained. I felt confident about what I was shown and have improved quickly.”



Chrissy Schultz, Temple of Beauty, Gold Coast, Australia
Hi ladies,

I have been a salon owner for over 8 years now and a beauty therapist for over 12 years.  My salon is located in a busy 5 star hotel on the Gold Coast.  I now just specialize in eyelash extensions as they are so popular.  The main reason for my eyelash success is using the best products available.  Especially the lashes and the glue.  I have tried MANY different brands of lashes and NOTHING beats ‘Fab Lashes ‘.  I would pay double if necessary for these lashes. They are the perfect shape, thickness and texture.  They provide an outstanding result.  You can be a great lash tech but if your product isn’t of the highest quality you will not get the results. Trust me; half of my day is spent removing bad, poor quality lash extensions.  People come to us for the guaranteed best lashes on the Gold Coast. The delivery is always prompt and great prices too.  I will never use anything else. 

Chrissy, Salon owner

Morgan Bretherton, Beautifully You, Martinborough

I have been working with the amazing Fab Lashes and creating beautiful high quality lashes for almost one year now and have to say it is the most amazing lash product I have ever had the privilege of working with.  Anyone that is thinking about getting into the lash business I highly recommend this company, not only do they have a high quality, affordable product but they also have amazing supportive service.  I could not recommend this product more highly.  Thank you Fab Lashes, you are exquisite X

Fab Lashes – Supplier of superior quality eyelash extension products and training