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Eyelash Extensions are here to stay! An exciting and lucrative new addition to the beauty industry, Eyelash Extensions have made their mark and we believe it is an essential that all beauty salons, makeup artists and the like are able to offer beautiful, professional eyelash extensions to their clients – so don”t miss out, book your training now!.

Eyelash Extensions – An Artistic Creation

Beautiful Eyelash Extensions are an artistic creation and not as easy to create as one might think. To become a sought after artist in the Eyelash Extensions industry it is essential to undertake a quality training programme to ensure the correct eyelash extensions application techniques are learnt, the importance of this first step in your new career cannot be stressed enough. Perfection in Eyelash Extensions application is achieved through a blend of this professional tuition and many hours of practice.

Fab Lashes is pleased to provide professional and comprehensive training programmes specifically designed to assist and guide the trainee on their path to becoming a Fab Lashes Certified Eyelash Extensions Artist.  Whether you are already working in the beauty industry or looking for a new career path, our eyelash extensions workshops combine all theory and practical, hands-on techniques necessary to enable you to become a confident and professional Eyelash Extensions Artist.

Our eyelash extensions training programmes focus in the main part of providing practical experience in individual eyelash extensions, which involves isolating a single natural eyelash to which we apply a single synthetic lash, however, demand for a quicker method of eyelash extension application has inspired us to develop a new method of lash application, Xpress Lashes, which is now also included in our training.

Here at Fab Lashes we pride ourselves on our high quality eyelash extensions products and outstanding customer service and support—you can be assured we will be available at any time following your training to help with questions you may have.

Below is a chart showing the potential income for your salon after becoming a Fab Lashes Certified Eyelash Extensions Salon

Initial Fee

5 clients

Approx 7.5hrs – 10hrs

10 clients

Approx 15hrs – 20hrs

15 clients

Approx 22.5hrs – 30hrs

















Infill Fee *

5 clients

10 clients

15 clients

















*Eyelash Extensions Infills fee shown is based on a 1 hour appointment

Choose your eyelash extensions training provider carefully

Lack of professional eyelash extensions training and/or poor instruction in eyelash extensions technique will result in lack of knowledge regarding the importance of isolation, clumpy lashes that stick together, extensions that do not last and poor design technique along with the subsequent and inevitable damage to your clients’ natural lashes – see examples below of the difference between eyelash extensions following professional, high quality training and poor quality training.

The images below show the difference

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions

Don”t waste precious time and money (not to mention your reputation) by training with inferior products and tutors! At Fab Lashes we regularly re-train technicians who have attempted to learn eyelash extensions either, by DVD, with trainers who are not experienced tutors, companies with inferior products and/or those who have little or no customer service and support following training – these trainees commonly state that “they wish they had come to us first and not wasted their time elsewhere” – INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE, BOOK YOUR EYELASH EXTENSIONS TRAINING NOW!

High quality eyelash extensions products & training – Fab Lashes