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Biomaser P70 PMU Machine Kit

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Compact and powerful PMU machine

Suitable for all Permanent Makeup treatments and Microneedling

Powerful, lightweight and compact this amazing PMU machine is an excellent choice for any artist regardless of skill level.  Create beautiful hairstrokes, powder brows, lips, eyeliner and more!   Your P70 can also be used for removal treatments and even Microneedling, with a large selection of needle cartridges available for all treatments. 

Mini power supply, touch screen, easy to operate
* The handpieces require our Biomaser cartridges
* Elegant aluminum CNC body
* MCU chip, powerful and stable

One set includes:
1 x Permanent makeup pen
1 x Mini power supply
1 x Universal adaptor
1 x Cord with speed controller

Usage:  suitable for eyebrow, lip, eyeliner, removals and microneedling
Power supply colour:   Black
Pen colour:   Black
Plug:  Worldwide plug
Motor: 12V coreless motor
Voltage required:  100-240V, 1.4-0.7A 50/60HZ
Output: 0-12V 2A

Matched needles:
Biomaser cartrige needle, easy to load.
Sterilized by EO GAS, prevent infection
316L stainless steel needle,lasting sharp.
Patent & CE certification.
Pack 10pcs/box.

Available cartridges:
1R 0.18mm, 1R 0.20mm, 1R 0.25mm, 1R 0.30mm, 1R 0.40mm, 1R 0.50mm
2RL, 3RL, 5RL
3RS, 5RS, 7RS
3F, 4F, 5F, 7F
3SF, 4SF, 5SF
5Mg, 7Mg, 15Mg
11U, 15U
12pin meso, 36pin meso, 42pin meso
Nano meso.

  • The BIOMASER P70 Permanent Makeup Machine Kit combines a powerful mini power supply and ergonomic handpiece using a 12V coreless motor - it is a lightweight machine providing excellent results for all Permanent Makeup treatments.

  • This permanent makeup tattoo machine is touch screen LED high-definition digital display and imported scratch-resistant acrylic panels. 

  • Our P70 permanent makeup tattoo machine pen kit adopted advanced MCU digital control technology, the output is linear and stable. It use DC adjustable output high current power IC, tantalum capacitor filtering system and has high efficiency motor.

  • To use our P70 permanent makeup machine, you need to press the power button and hold for three seconds to turn machine on (short press is to start and pause), you can adjust the speed on the power supply pack - speed from 70NPS to 199NPS.

  • This permanent makeup machine has internal protection circuit and if the circuit is short, it will display the EN character and you need to power off and restart. This power supply requires a BIOMASER standard adaptor and handpiece and also you need to use the unique BIOMASER cartridge needles

Voltage requirements 100-240V, 1.4-0.7A 50/60HZ Output 0-12V 2A
Warranty: 1 year warranty for P70 and hand piece, 90days for accessories
This instrument has been tested to and complies with CE,FCC,SAA

Biomaser P70 PMU Machine Kit

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